Jive integration with

Curve Dental

Jive and Curve Dental have come together to offer the best office software solution for dental practices. This integration enables you to seamlessly synchronize your practice’s phone system with Curve Hero, lowering office costs while also delivering personalized customer experiences to your patients.
When a current patient calls into your practice, the Jive/Curve Dental integration will automatically populate your computer screen with that patient’s information, treatment records, and billing history before you even answer the phone.

Win and retain patients with an 
integrated phone system.

Control costs while enjoying 
updated phone-system features.

Equipping your practice with a full-featured phone system can cost you thousands of dollars. With Jive, there’s little to no upfront capital costs, and 80+ advanced voice features come standard at no extra charge.

Manage your call routing from the web without tech expertise.

Discover more about Jive products.

Jive is more than just a phone system in the cloud. We deliver a range of Unified Communications products, including voice, video, contact center, and mobile applications. 
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Curve Dental

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